About Us

What is E-Tutor Academy?

E-Tutor Academy is an online platform that is aimed at providing educators, schools and communities with the necessary tools to conduct and provide online and distance learning solutions for their learners. Our platform provides a complete grading and reporting software which can be reported back to learners and parents. This way educators can monitor learners progress. 

Mobile Friendly

Our site is mobile friendly which means learners can download the app and access their learning material on the go. They can also get push notifications in real time about any updates that the teacher might have posted. Learners can also view their progress and marks of different activities. Learners can chat with other learners or ask questions to the teacher. 

What Is our Mission?

Our mission is to empower Learners and educators with necessary tools to have effective learning online which can be assessed and progress monitor.

At the moment our platform is free to access for schools and their learners .

Educators can watch our training videos and publish their own content and enrol the students that they teach. Learners will have access to the teachers work via mobile or desktop web pages. Follow us on our social network platforms to receive updates and contact us at any time

Our goal is to assist as many learners as much as possible to have access to rich learning content.

We aim to partner with schools and educators to provide an easily accessible solution for them to deliver content that is engaging and beneficial to their students.

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Still Need Assistance?

If you still need support visit our contact page and drop us a line. Make use of our social platform to also get assistance

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